Team Tether Shield!

We are proud to have our products represented by these prominent businesses and Referral Riders!
After seeing our original Stirrup Lock, Correct Connect asked us to create one for the single strap leather they had designed, but didn't want to offer their customers, without a "run up" solution.  Their high quality mono-leather and training aid products noticeably improve a rider's feel and tact in the saddle. 


CHRISTINE HEADLEY of CH Dressage. Discount code "chdressage"

BEVIN NICHOLSON of C'est Chevaux. Discount code "cestchevaux"

MEGAN GILKER THOMAS and JESSICA GILKER HO of Jag Arabians. Discount code "jagarabians"

CINDY ADCOCK with County Saddlery. Discount code "yukonjohnny"

CLAUDIA POWELL of ICU Photography. Discount code "mashalatte"