Collection: Stirrup Covers

Everyone's stirrups rub their saddles.  Shield yours from scratches and dents with our traveling stirrup covers - so handy and effective you'll never have to buff out a scratch again!

Don't leave your stirrup covers in the crossties * Slides and Slaps travel with you while you ride
Don't lose your stirrup covers  *  Slides and Slaps stay tethered to your saddle
Don't use cloth covers that get as dirty as your stirrups  *  Slides and Slaps wipe clean and dry
Don't scratch your saddle by running up your stirrups  *  Ours pop into place BEFORE you run up
Don't let your saddle get dented and scratched by your stirrups  *  Slides and Slaps protect

~ Made of paper thin, durable vinyl that sheds water and grit

Sleek, elegant and more professional than pocket covers

~ Easier to apply to your stirrup than pocket covers

~ The ONLY stirrup covers that travel with you while you ride

~  The ONLY stirrup covers that allow you to protect your saddle the moment you dismount

Which stirrup cover do you need?

* Both the Slide and Slap work with TRADITIONAL, DUAL FLAP saddles

* The Slap was designed to be used on MONOFLAP saddles

"I can easily cover my stirrups now the moment I get off. I don't have to worry about losing the old fashioned stirrup covers anymore - these go with my saddle wherever it goes." Megan