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Stirrup Locks ~ safely secure your stirrups

Stirrup Locks

Stirrup Locks

Keep your stirrups safely¬†secure for longeing, transporting and storing your saddle! Stirrup... 

Stirrup covers ~ ours travel with you, ready anywhere you dismount

Stirrup Covers

Stirrup Covers

Protect your saddle from scratches like these! "Love this product! Does a... 

Panel Guards ~ prevent dents and scratches everywhere you place your saddle

Panel Guards

Panel Guards

Protect¬†your saddle from dents likes these - without unsightly swim noodles or... 

Bridle Guards ~ cushion your bridle from every hook and holder

Bridle Guards

Bridle Guards

When a client asked if we would please design a cushion for... 

  • Do you have a traditional saddle?

    Both the Slide and Slap stirrup covers work well with traditional saddles! They travel with you while you ride and "slide" or "slap" into place the moment you dismount and are ready to run up your stirrups!

  • Do you have a monoflap saddle?

    The Slap stirrup cover is for you! We designed the Slap by request, especially for our monoflap riders! It travels with you while you ride, on the leather of your stirrup, discreet and ready to "slap" into place the moment you dismount and are ready to run up your stirrups!

  • Why Panel Guards are better!

    - Panel Guards attach to your saddle, not the saddle rack

    - Travels with your saddle, protecting it everywhere it goes

    - Sleek and minimalistic instead of bulky pads or swim noodles

    - Wipes clean - no laundering required

    - Can't deflate or compress

    - One Panel Guard fits every saddle

    - Any reason returns

Keep your saddle safe EVERYWHERE it goes!

Rave Reviews

"I am much too excited about how easy and carefree I can be now that I have the Tether Shield Panel Guard"


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... stirrup covers are extremely important to help protect ...the investment you made on your saddle. These stirrup covers are really different than any of the other ones on the market.

Brittany Bird - saddle fitter

More Rave Reviews!

"This is an awesome idea!!! So much better than the fleece sewn covers you have to untie and remove ...and then lose!!"


More Rave Reviews!

"I just received my Panel Guards. I have to comment on how wonderful they are! They stay in place on the rack when I remove my saddle, they form to my saddle keeping the integrity of the shape of the saddle. I have a couple of different saddle racks and they work great on all of them. 5 Star recommendation!!


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