Rave Reviews!

See what Brittany Bird, saddle fitter extraordinaire, and others have to say about Tether Shield stirrup covers!


Samantha -
Ordering from TetherShield was a great experience! I had messaged the owner, Lisa, to ask if she made guards for bridles and she went above and beyond to create a product for me! She even made a couple sample guards for me to try and asked for my input and thoughts about what I felt worked best! She was efficient with her creations and her shipping was fast! I love that the shields stay with the saddle so your tack is protected even after it leaves the tack room! Excellent all around experience with this seller and I would highly recommend her to others!” 
Emma - I love my Tether Shield! It’s durable and looks very appealing.  
Evelyn - These work great! I use the Toggle Stirrup Locks and I keep them attached to the D-ring on my saddle so as to not lose them. This makes the stirrups sit in an awkward spot on my saddle and with the free jumps they were scratching my knee block. These shields work super well because they stay attached to the saddle but as also flexible enough with their material and how they are attached to the saddle to move anywhere you need them. Having everything attached to the saddle so I don't have to remember yet another thing is absolutely amazing! And for shows, all I have to remove is the Toggle Stirrup Locks which are nice and easy to put in the pocket of my show coat and the shields sit nicely under the flaps as I ride. Amazing products that solve all my problems with both my free jump stirrups and my wide single strap stirrups that make it impossible for me to put my stirrups up in any other way.
Alicia - Lisa perfected this solution for the popular wide stirrup leathers and tech stirrups. Carefully made with high quality materials, this is an easy and secure way to run up your non-traditional leathers and stirrups.
Margaret - Very happy! Finally have a way to keep my Freejump stirrups up and secure!
Kristy - Love my new Slides! They keep my new saddle protected and are so easy to use. Much simpler than the fleece stirrup cover that I was using before, which I seemed to always misplace every time I took it off. And they look great! The customer service is OUTSTANDING. I received a response to my email only 10 minutes after I sent it. Lisa is easy to work with and answered all my questions. I can't say enough great things about Tether Shield. I've recommended them to everyone at my barn.

Jaime - I absolutely love these! They work perfectly with my free jump stirrups. If you’re considering buying these, get them!!!
Megan - First of all, Lisa goes ABOVE AND BEYOND with customer service. I always love supporting small businesses and not only is Lisa's ingenuity and talent to be praised, but also her dedication to the customer and her superb communication and commitment to a quality product. All in all, I wish I had innovated such fantastic products myself, but I'm beyond glad for Lisa's brilliance in developing products that not only make my life at the barn easier, but ANY equestrian's life easier. Our saddles are such a vital investment to the sport and all of the Tether Shield products protect our investment in an easy to use, functional, and fashionable & customizable way for every individual's taste and style. My tack room ALREADY looks more organized (I need to get a photo ASAP!) and I am much too excited about how easy and carefree I can be now that I have the Tether Shield Panel Guards AND Stirrup covers to protect my saddles from damage. As far as the stirrup covers, I can easily cover my stirrups now the moment I get off. I don't have to worry about losing the old fashioned stirrup covers anymore - these go with my saddle wherever it goes. Finally, I am a HUGE fan of in- hand work, ground work, and lunging with my horses as a part of relationship building and cross training. The Stirrup Covers and Stirrup Locks are going to make integrating this sort of work SO easy and I don't have to worry about my horse's comfort if the stirrup falls or I'm too lazy to take the stirrups off. Lisa, THANK YOU for developing these incredible products that will make my time are the barn more efficient, protect my saddle investment, keep my horse comfortable - all in all, one area I don't have to worry about if I've got it "covered"! :) I've even bought a few Stirrup Covers to give as gifts for equestrian family and friends!
Kimberly - The Panel Guard Pro is a great addition to your saddle care!!! Keeps the saddle from getting those crease marks on the underside while sitting on the saddle rack in the tack room!!! Another great addition to add to my daughters new saddle. Sorry I didn’t take pics of it.
Kimberly - New saddle and the best investment to go along with it!!! Tether shield makes the greatest and easiest iron and stirrup keepers ever!!! Easy to add to your saddle and easiest enough for a young rider to use!! Love these!!!

Lindsay - I love my panel guard! It goes everywhere my saddle goes and it matches our barn colors!
Desirea - No more unsightly indentations in my saddle flap from my irons! And they accommodate my wide leathers too! Super fast shipping and great customer service. Highly recommend! Can’t wait to try out the panel guard soon 🙂
Rhiannon - These do a great job of protecting my saddle from my sharp stirrup pads and look great doing it!

Dana - Love this product! Does a fantastic job stopping my stirrups from rubbing. How to video made it easy to set up!
Jennifer - I love my Thethershields!! The cute colors compliment my saddle, and are a great way to personalize my tack while still being subtle enough for the hunter ring. My saddle no longer gets scratches from my stirrups, and my shields are so easy to use-they go with me wherever I ride! Highly recommend to anyone who rides!!

Madison - Super helpful in keeping my saddle in perfect condition!
Lisa - The Panel Guard I ordered is very well made! I have been using it for awhile now and it has protected the panels of my saddle from the thin bars of my saddle rack, but the best thing is, I never have to think about my saddle! It's always safe, no matter where I need to place my saddle!
Evelyn - Great quality and works just as described! I have leathers that are one strap, therefore, can't put my stirrups up like normal these are the perfect solution and they work with my free jumps! The one thing I haven't figured out is how I'm not going to lose them. This is the only reason for 4 not 5 stars because a clip or something with them would allow you to slip it to the d ring on the saddle or your belt buckle while you ride.
Triad Horseplay - Tether Shield is the "hottest new piece of equipment"!
Lindsay - I have been loving my panel guard! You did an awesome job!"
Tabitha - These Tether Shield stirrup covers are the coolest thing ever!  They look great with the Stubben blue!
Nicole - I love that they stay with the saddle so I don’t forget them in the arena!
Livvy - My hubby was absolutely amazed at the quality & when I told him the price he was shocked!

Jen - I love them so much! They're so easy to use, and they look great on my saddle!
Jaiden - I fox hunt so I really put them to the test and I’m absolutely in love with the design behind it. The people I hauled with wanted me to tell them if I liked them or not because they might get a few!
Meghan - I’ve had the privilege to try Tether Shield Stirrup Covers for a few weeks. I really like them and don’t feel anything when it’s tucked behind my flap. I trail ride anywhere from 7-15 miles several times a week and it’s nice having my stirrups secure when my saddle isn’t in use. Great product!!
Mariah Carlone, Butet saddles, FL - I really like your product, it’s really great quality!
Robin - I appreciate your customer service and can’t wait to get them! If they’re half as good as how special I feel I’ll be so happy!
 Skyler - I liked them so I ordered a pair as a gift for my trainer!
Haley - I love how simple it is to use
Cori - A Godsend for forgetful kids! She's really enjoyed them! 
Erin - Loving my Tether Shields!! Thanks so much!
Suz - embroidered her trainer's farm motto on their Tether Shields for a thoughtful and creative gift!  They LOVED them!
Netta - Just got them! They’re beautiful!! Thank you so much 😊