Rave Reviews!

See what Brittany Bird, saddle fitter extraordinaire, and others have to say about Tether Shield stirrup covers!


Triad Horseplay -
Tether Shield is the "hottest new piece of equipment"!
Lindsay -
"I have been loving my panel guard! You did an awesome job!" 
Tabitha -
"These Tether Shield stirrup covers are the coolest thing ever!  They look great with the Stubben blue!"
Nicole -
"I love that they stay with the saddle so I don’t forget them in the arena!"
Livvy - 
"My hubby was absolutely amazed at the quality & when I told him the price he was shocked!"

Jen -
"I love them so much! They're so easy to use, and they look great on my saddle!"
Jaiden -
"I fox hunt so I really put them to the test and I’m absolutely in love with the design behind it. The people I hauled with wanted me to tell them if I liked them or not because they might get a few!"
Meghan -
"I’ve had the privilege to try Tether Shield Stirrup Covers for a few weeks. I really like them and don’t feel anything when it’s tucked behind my flap. I trail ride anywhere from 7-15 miles several times a week and it’s nice having my stirrups secure when my saddle isn’t in use. Great product!!"
Mariah Carlone, Butet saddles, FL -
"I really like your product, it’s really great quality!"
Robin -
"I appreciate your customer service and can’t wait to get them! If they’re half as good as how special I feel I’ll be so happy!" 
 Skyler - 
"I liked them so I ordered a pair as a gift for my trainer!"
Haley -
"I love how simple it is to use"
Cori -
"A Godsend for forgetful kids! She's really enjoyed them! "
Erin -
"Loving my Tether Shields!! Thanks so much!"
Suz -
embroidered her trainer's farm motto on their Tether Shields for a thoughtful and creative gift!  They LOVED them!
Netta - 
"Just got them! They’re beautiful!! Thank you so much 😊"


Cheryl -
I have them and they work great!!