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Panel Guards

~ The ONLY saddle rack pad designed to travel with your saddle everywhere it goes

~ Made of three layers, totaling  1/2" thick 

~ The base layer conforms to the pressure points of each object your saddle is placed on, absorbing the impressions they would otherwise make in your saddle's flocking.

~ The slightly more rigid core layer suspends and insulates your saddle above those pressure points, while flexing to maintain contact with the shape of your panels.

~ The layer next to your saddle provides a smooth and consistent cushion for your panels.

~ All layers contour to the shape of your saddle and the surface it's placed on, providing gap free shock absorption and consistent weight distribution.

~ Unlike any other saddle rack pads, the Panel Guard travels with your saddle and it won't deflate, compress, retain dust or absorb moisture.



Stirrup Covers

~  The ONLY stirrup covers that travel with your saddle while you ride

~ Attach them to your saddle in seconds - never lose your stirrup covers again!  

~  Sleek, elegant and more professional than pocket covers   

~  Made of paper thin, durable vinyl that sheds water and grit

~  Works with every size stirrup.  The Slide can be used on every traditional dressage or jumping saddle.  The Slap can be used on every traditional and monoflap saddle.

The Slap can also travel on the leather in front of the keeper or on the underneath or single strap leather


Stirrup Locks 

~  The best "run up" solution for single strap leathers and slippery traditional leathers

~  One of our three styles is right for you!