Collection: Bridle Guard crown cushions

Bridle Guards are the only bridle cushion that travel with your bridle, protecting it everywhere it goes!

Protect your bridle from hooks and holders like these!


 When a client asked if we would please design a cushion for her custom bridle that was being damaged by the bridle rack we said, "We sure will!" 

~ Constructed of the same materials as our Panel Guards, covered in the colors of your choice

~ The built in shaper that allows it to slip easily under the crown of your bridle and velcro in place

~ Keep the reins, martingale, breastplate or other tack neatly secured under the strap.

~ The sleek, low profile design won't deflate, compress, retain dust or absorb moisture

~ Shaped and sturdy to easily rest on every bridle rack or hook - or doorknob or car door or stall latch 

~ Bridle Guards are the tidy, elegant and efficient solution to harsh bridle racks!

"It works great!  It fits the bridle and shields it from all the metal points!" Samantha