Collection: Bridle Guards

When a client asked if we would please design a cushion for her custom bridle that was being damaged by the bridle rack assigned to her at her boarding barn,  we said "We sure will!" 

~ In true Tether Shield fashion, the Bridle Guard travels with your bridle, keeping it safe from every surface and hook you may need to place it. 

~ Made of three layers, totaling  1/2" thick, covered and trimmed in the colors of your choice.

~ Constructed of the same materials as our Panel Guards, with a built in shaper that allows it to slip easily under the crown of your bridle and velcro in place.

~ The Bridle Guard attaches to your bridle, keeping the reins, martingale, breastplate or other tack neatly secured under the strap.

~ The sleek, low profile design won't deflate, compress, retain dust or absorb moisture.

~ Shaped and sturdy to easily rest on every bridle rack or hook - or doorknob or car door or stall latch - at the barn.

~ Travels with your bridle to the cross-ties and trailer.

~ Enter discount code "Tack Room Rate" for 10%  off your entire order of 4 or more!

"It works great!  It fits the bridle and shields it from all the metal points!" Samantha