Collection: Panel Guards

Everyone pads their saddle racks with something.  Cushion yours with our easy, elegant Panel Guard - so simple and convenient you'll never give another thought to where you place your saddle!

Don’t pad multiple saddle racks   *  Panel Guards cushion each saddle everywhere it goes
Don’t use noodles or stacks of saddle pads  *  Panel Guards are elegant and secure
Don’t buy pricey saddle rack cushions  *  Panel Guards are affordable
Don’t use cushions that collect dust  *  Panel Guards wipe clean 
Don't use cushions that compress or deflate  *  Panel Guards keep their shape

Panel Guards travel on your saddle from tack room to cross-ties to trailer, even the rail of your pickup truck!


~ Made of three layers, totaling 1/2" thick, in the colors of your choice.
~ The base layer absorbs the impressions of each object your saddle is placed on that would otherwise dent your saddle's flocking.
~ The core layer suspends and insulates your saddle above those pressure points.
~ The layer next to your saddle provides a smooth and consistent cushion for your saddle’s flocking.
~ The ONLY saddle rack cushion that travels with your saddle everywhere it goes
~ The ONLY saddle rack cushion that won't deflate, compress, retain dust or absorb moisture.
~ The ONLY saddle rack cushion designed for your saddle, not the saddle rack. Transition effortlessly from tack room to cross ties to trailer, even the rail of your pickup truck!  
~ The ONLY saddle rack cushion designed to fit every english saddle and every saddle rack.
~ The Panel Guard Pro has the same great protection as the Panel Guard Schooler, just dressed for the occasion!