About Me

Lisa’s two unrelated passions, riding and sewing, joined her natural leaning toward minimalism and efficiency to provide the perfect trifecta needed to bring Tether Shield to life.

Her first ride on an ornery, round Shetland pony ended with a flying dismount, Superman style, face down in a cloud of dust as he bolted back to the barn, sealing her love for riding forever at the tender age of 6. In an instant, she had become a "crazy horse person" ready to get back on and go again!  

Her passion for sewing developed more slowly. Lisa grew up learning to sew from her grandmother, whose name she shares, and whose talent for designing ball gowns for her mother and aunt back in the day would rival any New York runway show. Lisa is glad Pauline passed her passion and knowledge for sewing on to her!

To round out her skill set, Lisa’s preference for the elegance of simplicity and the efficiency of minimalism has lead to wondering, on a few occasions, if there were a better mousetrap. She was a DIY-er before it was a thing and her bewilderment at the standard pocket stirrup covers naturally lead her to ask that question again. Tether Shield was the answer!

Lisa resides in NC with her husband, Jim, where they raised their three sons.  He knows that the key to her heart is a handsome horse!  Reverend had to be retired from jumping but remains her faithful dressage instructor as she pursues her goal of eventing on less arthritic mounts.

She hopes you will benefit from the ease, practicality and integrated convenience Tether Shield provides - from one every day equestrian to another! 

not the shetland I fell off of                                                               Bongo - BN Event Scarlet