Collection: Panel Guards

Protect your saddle from dents likes these -
without unsightly swim noodles or layers of saddle pads! 

"I have been loving my panel guard! You did an awesome job!"  Lindsay

~ Our base layer conforms to the pressure points of each object your saddle is placed on, absorbing the impressions they would otherwise make in your saddle's flocking.
~ Our more rigid middle layer suspends and insulates your saddle above those pressure points, while flexing to maintain contact with the shape of your panels.
~ Our top layer provides a smooth and consistent cushion for your panels.
~ All layers contour to the shape of your saddle and the surface it's placed on, providing gap free shock absorption and consistent weight distribution.
~ Unlike any other saddle rack pads, the Panel Guard travels with your saddle and it won't deflate, compress, retain dust or absorb moisture.
~ The only saddle rack pad that's designed for your saddle - not the saddle rack - so one Panel Guard protects your saddle wherever it goes! From tack room to cross ties to trailer, even the rail of your pickup truck!
Select from two styles
The Panel Guard Schooler is made of the same materials as the Panel Guard Pro, just simplified for the budget conscious equestrian!
The Panel Guard Pro is overlaid in the color of your choice.  The contrasting trim color you select pads the straps and fully covers and binds the edges of the body for a professional and polished finish.